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How to uninstall Contraviro anti- spyware?

Published November 7th, 2011 by admin

While working on your pc or in laptop have you ever got security alert something like ‘virus detected in your system’ or ‘you pc is have dangerous spyware’ and tell you to buy the paid version of Contraviro to get rid from this entire thing?? Then you are affected by Contraviro virus. Now question arise what is Contraviro? So, it is a fake antivirus which installs automatically in your computer and sends you a fake report about your system without even scanning your pc and affects your processor speed. Now you want to uninstall Contraviro anti spyware as soon as possible.

You can manually or automatically uninstall Contraviro anti spyware. For manual method you have to  first stop the Contraviro application by opening ‘task manager’ then in processes bar you have to search for ‘contraviro.exe’ and then click on end processes after stopping this application you have to find and delete the Contraviro all file, after deleting all file you have to remove Contraviro registry value. Manual process is quit a headache and if any of file remain undeleted or pc remain unsecure.

For automatically uninstalling of Contraviro anti-spyware you have to go for perfect uninstall tool software is a free software you can download it form their website. After downloading perfect uninstall tool  the software by double clicking on the icon, when installation begins just click next to promote the software let the default setting as it is. when installation get finish  malwarebytes autumnally start and ask for update just click ok it will automatically connect with server and update itself, as the update finish it will scan your whole computer which may took time depending upon how much data is stored in the pc, as the scanning of your pc get finish the software will show you result that how many infected file he found ,you just have to click on remove all and software will uninstall Contraviro anti-spyware infected file and registry automatically without even leavening a single infected file in your pc.

Installing the uninstall tool is very easy as you just have to visit their website and download the application and from this software, to uninstall Contraviro anti-spyware is a minute game because you don’t have to do anything extra just install run and forget, it will work for you automatically. And removing manually file is quit risky because for this you should have little knowledge about technical thing and if any file remain as it is it will create problem. Getting help of perfect uninstall tool is just amazing to help you get off from any of your system issue. It is just that you need to be perfect in using those software. Using any of these software of perfect uninstall tool to uninstall any unwanted applications and programs is easy. There are simple steps and you just need to follow as you are told. You need not be any techno geek to follow any steps. Follow easy steps to uninstall these software.

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