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How to Completely Uninstall Registry Mechanic

Published November 29th, 2011 by admin

Registry Mechanic is a quality program that basically tricks people into a purchase. And for this reason, many people find a desire to uninstall Registry Mechanic from their computer. Of course, just as with any program on your computer, you could very well encounter a problem getting rid of the program on your computer.

Registry Mechanic may be a very quality program that does in fact make your computer run faster by wiping it clean of the files that are just there taking up space on it, but the major program that many people encounter is that it claims to be free and in fact really isn’t. You have to make a purchase to actually get the full benefits of the program on your computer. So, in a sense, you are stuck with a free version of something that doesn’t do anything other than take up space on your computer unless you make a purchase.

Many people don’t want to make a purchase, so they decide to just uninstall Registry Mechanic from their computers. Usually, this is not a problem at all. Occasionally, though, your computer won’t get rid of all the files that are associated with the program, so you will have to run a check for them to make sure that they aren’t still on your computer.

Usually, you can uninstall Registry Mechanic from your computer using the Add/Remove tool that is on it, no matter what operating system you are using. You can open this through the Control Panel on your computer and find the Registry Mechanic icon. Then you just hit uninstall and your computer will do everything for you. When it is finished, you will have to restart your machine.

Sometimes, though, this process will not remove all of the files on your computer associated with the Registry Mechanic. In order to completely uninstall Registry Mechanic from your computer, you will have to check for all of the files and delete them from your computer. Otherwise, they will be there just taking up more space on your computer. And that will defeat the purpose of what you originally wanted the program for in the first place.

Open your program files on your computer and check to see if there is still a folder named Registry Mechanic. If one still remains, remove it from your computer, and then of course from your trash can. Once you get rid of this, you will have to remove any associated files and keys from your Registry. You can perform a search in your Registry to find the files that have the Registry Mechanic name and delete them from your computer.

If you have downloaded Registry Mechanice and want to remove it from your computer instead of paying for it, you can usually do this with no problem using your Add/Remove tool on your computer. Sometimes, this won’t get all of the files, though, so you will have to perform a search to make sure that they are all removed from your computer.

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